I'm wishing for it strongly

More strongly than anything else

Hello, and welcome to Revolution!, the TFL approved fanlisting for the absolutely awe-inspiring Japanese musician and lyricist Satoshi of the band girugamesh. He is a master at combining his regular singing voice with deep growls and emotional screams. His ability to sing metal, rock, and ballads is completely captivating, and his energy on stage is exhilirating. If you are a fan, please feel free to join the fanlisting for this astounding and talented man.
This fanlisting was last updated on July 04th 2020 with a total member count of 4(+0 pending) from 2 countries. Welcome Vii to the list! Listing powered by Enthusiast.
The current version is number two. It was designed with nostalgic, retro methods in mind. The first version was too dark and didn't quite show up on other computer screens very well. I like this version much better, and it shows off Satoshi's adorableness better than the first~ Resources used are from s3cretlady@dA.

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